My sister and Gijs. Blue is her color.


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  1. Mel Says:

    Hi Bro!

    You’ve surprised me with that pic! How charming those shoes!
    While Martijn and I we’re reading your comment, a teardrop was falling down. So nice and lovely, yeah that’s also my brother! Still, you’re far away, but the good feelings are never ending. The big ocean between us, can’t tear us apart!!
    Anyway, this blog is a good idea! Maybe we make one of our own, so you can see how we all do here! For now everything is oke, also the boys. They have autumnholiday, so you can wait for their comment this week on your blog! Jesse has got English at school, so sit back and laugh?!

    Hang on and take care!
    Big hug from Sis

  2. Bas Says:

    How nice the shoes! Reminds me of Katrien Duck, Donald’s friend.

  3. wies Says:

    Your doing well, son. Lovely, to see my shoesdaughter and my grandson Gijs, in your blog. Let me see a picture of you overthere. Love to see you and Bas, in 8, 9 days in Holland. Miss you. wies xxx

  4. Lisette Says:

    Good Luck Richard!

    Mel, nice shoes, can I borrow them one time?

    Lots of love,


  5. tovorinok Says:


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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