Enough fooling around

Not sure yet, if I should write this blog in English or Dutch, for now I try it in English. I can never get enough practice anyway. Even Todd was told that he had to Americanize his English last week. So I did not feel so awkward anymore after hearing that. By the way, at Starbucks last week, they asked a British guy with a strong cockney accent, if he was from Germany. Knowing the cultural sensitivities around this theme, I did not feel so ignorant anymore. What I also did learn from that, is that when you are “new” in a country, you should always watch the sensitivities of the original inhabitants. Your sensitivities are really not interesting at all. You are the one who chose to go this new place. The ladies at Starbucks just don’t give a fuck if you as a Brit feel offended by being compared to a German because of your accent. This opens up some nice philosophical theories about integration in general. I can say that the more I am here, the more I feel sympathy for people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali. They came from a different country and made it to the intelligentsia of their new homeland. Being more forward thinking than the mainstream, is a blessing for anyone. She is a true saint of the modern world.

Why this fooling around title? I feel I have the responsibility to my loved ones to let them know how I am doing. And as an internet entrepreneur, why I am not writing my own blog? Now I start one, I hope it helps me to communicate my feelings and experiences and thoughts. So I do not have to send short emails anymore. And hopefully my nephews Jesse, Gijs and Daan, can read and write to me as well. I bet their English is already quite good, or not guys?

I know that the chemistry of Todd and me is quite agressive and potentially groundbreaking. So San Francisco might just be what we need. If the earthquake does not come, we will cause one ourselves.


5 Responses to “Enough fooling around”

  1. Bas Says:

    ik wil je idd graag zien in de tijd dat je in NL bent. xxxxxxx

  2. Jesse Says:

    Hello uncle Richard,

    How are you doing in America?
    it`s nice or not?
    And what was that with that aeroplane in the skyscraper?
    With me(and my brothers) is everything okay!!!
    When you come back to holland, i’d like to see you!!!!!!
    At school i scored a 10 for English!!!
    i miss you!!
    A very very big kiss from Jesse.xxxxx

    (i wrote this by myself 😉

  3. Richard Says:

    Hoi Jesse, knap man dat je dit al kan schrijven. Ik kan geen fout ontdekken, dus die tien zal wel kloppen! Dat betekent dat je ook hier kan komen wonen bij mij. Ben ik minder alleen. Moet ik wel weer een groter huis regelen, want dat kamertje nu is niet echt bedoeld voor meer mensen.

  4. jesse Says:

    Dank je,
    het is simpel!!!
    jij bent net wakker maar ik moet gaan slapen!!!

  5. jesse Says:

    Hey uncle Richard,

    Ik hab een sleutelhanger gevonden die ik bij de heren van sint anna heb gekregen bij het ijsje.
    Dat was de laatste keer dat ik jou en Bas samen zag.
    Dus dat hangertje is me heel dierbaar geworden.
    Everyday I miss you more:-(

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