No more $3 for ATM’s

Hurray! I have my own American account. It was so expensive to get money out of the wall (?), 3 bucks each time. I was so stupid to take small amounts, leading to an enormous profit for the American bank system. I will be nominated as Golden Sponsor for their system.

The girls who set up the bank account for me was Misty L. East. So funny, she was called East.

Now Todd is busy with Poland (it is midnight there) and I am setting up the affiliate accounts, so we can all order flowers for our loved ones. And the money can be put into this account of the BOA. Then we will be doing fine.


One Response to “No more $3 for ATM’s”

  1. Mel Says:

    This is great, bro!
    So let the money come into your account, you deserve it for all the hard working.
    By the way, it is almost SINTERKLAAS, i send you my present-list 🙂

    Looking forward to see you soon and listen to your stories of SF.

    big kiss, Sis

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