Equinox, Bart, Hayes

display hayes streetMontgomery station Bartjust some impressions of what I saw last week. There was more than a sore throat. We worked in our new office, I take the Bart some days (that is the Frisco metro) and sometimes I cycle, and I work out at Equinox with my trainer Casey Krupp. You see him on the picture with Greet the Greet. They are all enormously friendly. Also their cleaners, especially Hector, are very warm people. So I don’t mind spending my evenings there. Casey told me at the intake that I was 4 kg too heavy, so I hate him eversince, haha.
The picture of the seacorals is from a display of a shop at Hayes street. It has a very European look and these corals just stole my gaze.
Casey looks a bit like David from 6 feet under, or is that just me?
This is the office at 220 montgomery


One Response to “Equinox, Bart, Hayes”

  1. Mel Says:

    i’am sorry? 4 kg too heavy…. You’re not a burger-boy!!

    Check your sister within a few days, i’m sure Casey won’t work out with me!!


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