IPRO fucks up

So today I was all ready to go to a lecture of Jim Conning of Piczo. I was invited to be at 1800 at the Orrick building 10th floor. There the IPRO had organized an event.

I was fifteen minutes early. It was drizzling outside, but inside the building it was warm and impressive. I went to the 10th floor and asked the guy at the reception where I should go. He looked at me as if I had ten snakes coming out of my head. Stupid me, it was of course one week later. My mac came out of the bag and I checked the calendar and the email. It was both correct, I was correct. There was going to be a lecture about the start up of Pizco by Jim Conning. It is the story that our team was curious for ever since we heard about it. Piczo sent out 100 letters only to friends and from there they grew into a 11 million dollar business. We can learn from that! But not today.

I checked Google to see if there was something online. There were several sites announcing this event. Same time, same date, same location, same topic, same organizer. But I was the only one and the snakes were not slissing on my head. The view was stunning. I looked up the number of IPRO and called them, maybe it got relocated this event. “This line is no longer in service.”

The elevator down. A bit puzzled. I asked the security guides downstairs if they knew of something. Nothing, it was me who was not looking correctly. Yeah right. Outside it was raining by now. I walked around the building. On the other side was Supercut. That’s how I felt, Superkut. I decided to get my hair cut. It made me feel better for only $16.


2 Responses to “IPRO fucks up”

  1. bunnyhero Says:

    i’ve been trying to find out what happened to IPRO. their website is half broken, all my email to them bounces, and the number is disconnected (as you discovered). i also found mentions of the event you tried to go to, and i wondered if that event was still happening. obviously not :/

  2. virginbrain Says:

    yes, I took contact with piczo as well and did never get an answer from them. it is kind of strange.
    I’m really amazed why these companies just ignore these simple requests.

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