New Year’s day, is also the birthday of Yana. The daughter of Pascal and Tamira in Amsterdam. She now also has a sister, but as Yana is just a little kid she is the center of the world. So the birthday had to be celebrated. It is such a pleasure to be with her, as she is very direct, outgoing and fun. Every time I see her, she makes me laugh.

So I arranged for us to go to a Puppet theatre in Amsterdam. It was definitely cool for the children. The story was kind of silly, but I had to laugh anyway. A lot of jokes about doo doo and other things children this age like. And I seemed to like it too. At the end of the show the puppet player came out of the closet and he had this monkey on one hand. He asked who wanted to be kissed. Yana had walked to the back of the room to sit on my lap. All children were screaming in the front, so the monkey kissed some. Then he wanted to play on. But Yana was not so satisfied with that and shouted: Hey, you are forgetting me, I am here. It made the crowd laugh. No worries for her in the future, she will ask for more than kisses. And makes sure she will not be left over.Yana’s birthday


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