Coming back to Amsterdam next week. I just changed my flight and I will arrive May 8 at 13hr. There were only two seats left at United Airlines and this was the only option. Think I need some extra support, ahah, because I have to give a presentation at 1600. The timing is pretty much just in time, but that is something I ran into before in my life.

I am very excited to be able to present Respectance to an interested audience for the first time after we will be live. May 2, will be the day that we launch our site. Go visit www.respectance.com by then. And create your free membership so you can give tribute to your loved one that is no longer there. In case I crash, remember me there. It will make me happy, also when in heaven. They must have WiFi over there!

As a bonus, I will be able to see Sam, the new brother of these 3 brothers . And of course my family, friends and colleagues. Hope I will be inspired by them again.


One Response to “Wrrrrooooooommmmm”

  1. Mel Says:

    Hi Bro!

    you make me very happy 🙂
    I’ll hope the presentation works out good and you can come to Nijmegen,
    Sam will be delighted to see you! It’s such a lovely boy; he’s doing very fine. He looks like Jesse and also his character; drinking and sleeping.
    Very satisfied and that makes me happy. Now I can enjoy it till the MAX!!!!

    See you soon, untill then: take care!

    Love Mel, xxxx

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