launch of Respectance, nextweb 2007

June 1 we presented Respectance. All preparations went smoothly. It was my job to make sure that Respectance would be seen and picked up by the journalists and the visitors. I think we did a great job. The entire team, Todd Wilkinson, Marcin Pyla, David Evans and myself gave the full 100%. And of course we were supported by Martha Mihaly, the Cracow team, and Angela Bassant with flowers and Bart of Sterk Decoratie. It was a pleasant experience to work with so many people with an enormous drive. Here is a short impression: preparation, booth, presentation.

NextWeb 2007

We had created some lucky dolls with our logo on it and of course we shared the callas flowers to visitors. It seemed to work, the flowers were accepted as a friendly gesture.

Best thing: the results are very good. We got a lot of press. Check it out here:

To finish it off, thanks to the organization, Boris, Patrick and all the others. It was one of the most interactive events I ever went to. Read here about Boris and me lunching at Dolores.


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