New tradition, new profession

We started working on the Respectance project and had to “reinvent” the wheel to a certain extent. How to become worldfamous in this era with people available within one click, but also rather unpredictable in their online behavior? A new profession is needed, that is at the same time one of the oldest jobs ever. The evangelist: reach out to those who might profit from our services. You need dedicated, upbeat and personable individuals who can hook up to others. And convince them that what you have to offer is important and not just another commercial service.

I think we have gone a long way, especially with the help of Martha AKA Princess or Ayr. Read this article of the NY Times, to see that we are spot on!


One Response to “New tradition, new profession”

  1. Martha Mihaly Says:

    Thank you for your kind words Richard. They mean a lot.

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