Advertising bubble online

Get the right money to the right people. Don’t look at the attention of people, but at the intention of people.

The bubble according to Searls is in the enormous shift of marketing money that went from TV towards online. The advertisers want to pinpoint the customer and get their attention. But they miss the point, as they should be hitting for the intention.

One of the people in the audience says that the weakness is people lie. Also about their intentions. You might say you hate chocolate, so do not wish to see chocolate ads. But in fact you might really like chocolate, and you as vendor should know better. This entire discussion is about VRM, vendor relationship management. The reaction to CRM, which are completely useless. These just gathered information, but did not build a relaionship. It also touches the identity, Dick Hardt?, subject, where the customer wants to be central.

It is not correct what the major companies do with advertising: think that if you throw the sales message in front of someone they will buy. It is a desparate sales need. So many unexpected things come up when you talk to people. Reminds me of these bigger companies we spoke with and that want to “own” the customers. That is a nice word for slavery in the end. We have to act in a way where we see everybody as a unique actor in this world and respect that.

I think that the main thing that drives people is to be acknowledged as a unique individual. How do you do that? Personal touch, show interest, give the correct information, ask the right questions, give attention. Then you will find the intention.


One Response to “Advertising bubble online”

  1. Martha Mihaly Says:

    I think you are completely on the right track here Richard. In fact, people will often pay more for a product if their perception is that they are getting ‘personal service’ or attention. They long to be acknowledged as individuals and validated as human beings.

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