Marketing is bullshit

Sales is real and marketing is bullshit. Those were the opening words of Doc Searls who is one of the anchorman at the Supernova event in San Francisco today.

This is the reason why you’ll hardly ever see a marketer in a top C position. Together with his two other presenters they are claiming that it is hard for marketers to discuss with the client. For the salesmen that is a logical thing to do. So web 2.0 is difficult for a lot of marketers because it is all about conversation with the prosumer.

A nice start for this day, they got me sharp already.

By the way, he also said that in fact we are all marketers. Does that imply that we are all bullshit, too?

I agree that we are all marketers. In every organization all employees should be part of marketing. And if you are very smart in this viral era, your clients are also your marketers. They will do all your testimonials, the best marketing you’ll ever get.

People in the audience do not agree whether a blog from a CEO of a company is marketing or needed at all. I think in this era of prosumers you have to be as open as possible. Even presidents of countries are blogging and signing up to sites like Myspace and Hyves. The medium is the message, in the end. Are you a dead company, or a company that embraces (keeps embracing) the new possibilities that are here and that will come later?

This discussion was held with Doc Searls, David Weinberger and Jerry Michalski.


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