Value, trust, deep connection

These are the 3 words that will do it. I have to agree here.

I hear a lot of opinions during this discussion, that make me scared. A man says people need institutions to build trust. I think the opposite, people do not like institutions. It equals to fraud and bureaucracy etc to the majority of people in this well informed society. Another man says that he did a brainstorm at Nokia a couple of years ago for the new gprs phones. He says that it would be so cool, if you would pass a bar where you went often that the AA would call you automatically to help you resist. What? I do not believe my ears. What political correct mind comes up with this at a strategic level? People want to be enabled, not disabled. That is also the reason why they do not trust institutions.

What do people trust? That is the people around them, that love them, that share their values. Often that is the majority in their neighborhood, otherwise you would be in an unsafe environment. That is what the internet should do: put people with same values together and let them help and advise and trust each other. This is where smart companies should tap into. Find these networks, and spend less on their own propaganda.


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