This phase we’re in

techcrunchWith Respectance we made it into the Techcrunch. That is some sort of holy book for web2.0 people, including a prophet and missionaries etc. This resulted into an enormous increase of traffic and new members. We are very thankful for that.

On top of that people wrote many other articles about Respectance. It is interesting to see how many people have this single focus point that determines what they are writing about. It also taught me that most bloggers simply copy the facts. Resulting into my business partner Todd being rebaptized into Tom, and nobody ever checked our funding digits. Now this false information has turned into a reality of its own. We’ll deal with that later this month.

I am very pleased with the blogs that got started about Respectance. As we hoped, our service seems to touch a nerve that gets their minds going and opinions boiling. It is easy to see that I made some mistakes myself.

I spoke about the emosocial trend earlier. In fact it is not a trend, it is a phase we are in. So it is not something that will last for a couple of months and then things will return to the old times. It is the next step before it evolves even further. Sounds vague? Well, let’s say that internet and the technology behind it will be less and less on the foreground. We are transforming slowly but steadily into a phase where people take the technology for granted and absord the internet into their normal lives: their social lives and their emotions.

To make it more concrete, let’s look at history. Our history always shows that life after all is very predictable, hence the promised success for Respectance.

Around 1880 Edison started with his installation to provide commercial electric power. All the attention then went to the machines that had to provide electricity. My question, did people at that moment start thinking about the impact that electricity would have on their daily lives? Not really, nobody thought that he would no longer have to wash clothes by hand or could finally have a microwave so the heating of food wouldn’t take an entire day.

But does that mean that in 1880 people did not cook meals, wash clothes, or even needed light? Of course we always had had all those needs. The needs were not new, the “medium” was new. So the first months of electric light in Paris France, not so much later, must have felt like a wonder and people probably spoke about this invention of electricity. Before there had been light too, however, by candles and with gas installations. So the fact that there was light, was not new.

Today we think about all these powerstations and big machines that are running when we stick the plug of our hoover into the wall. Every time we switch something on or off, we think about that. Or don’t we? Maybe not so much, why would Al Gore otherwise start this movie and organize a worldwide concert to make us realize that we are absorbing energy when we live our daily lives. Al Gore, Go Real

If Al realized how much electricity he were consuming himself, he would not have 3 apple cinema displays running at the same time. And a plasma screen for TV, sic.

This brings me to the point of the phase we’re in. The technology behind internet will become less and less “sexy” and people will start taking it for granted. It is seen as a utility. We want wireless everywhere we go. We expect that. Did you never think, that you were in a backward country if you staid in a hotel where you had to do difficult transactions in order to get online with your laptop? Still most hotels require this and the internet companies selling these services to them, bring internet as something special and extra to offer. Their guests, on the contrary, consider this a normal part of life though. Internet itself is not sexy anymore. It is a standard service and people need it to live their lives, to communicate, to connect and to share.

This phase we’re in will bring all kinds of services that help people live their lives, communicate, connect and share. Simply it helps them to be happy people. Respectance is only one of the services that will appear now and in the near future to help people feel better. And please let’s not focus anymore on new technical possibilities of the internet etc. People simply want to live their lives.


2 Responses to “This phase we’re in”

  1. Martha Mihaly Says:

    Energy sink or not, Al’s office wet up is to die for. Although I’ll note he is a pig. Wholly crap I haven’t seen a mess of a desk like that in a long…long…long time. It is also a resource sink. He needs to go paperless.

    Perhaps he should include himself as an example of over consumption of resources in his next movie. His son could be in it too!

  2. virginbrain Says:

    haha, that is so true. But I do not find his office very Feng Shui or personal. It is just another dump. The only personal thing is the rainbow frog. Did his wife make that of sourdough?

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