Bike is gone

Last Tuesday my bike got stolen. As a real Dutchie I am always riding my bike. The entire city I cruised with it. Every morning it is my horse to gallop to work and home again on it.

Interesting fact is that the bike was locked at the entrance of the Mills tower with two locks. Just a couple of feet higher hangs a giant security camera. Nothing was seen on the film, alas that is what the management says of the Mill’s tower. Can you imagine? Me neither….

The bar of Kim that is just behind the bike also noticed nothing. What a shame. It was the object that I was most happy with in SF and it really suited me. I had no idea that people in SF would steal bikes. My bike was kind of expensive (black Trek mountainbike with a white fork).

homeless, with bike.The amazing thing is, that most homeless around the block I work in have really cool bikes. They look like shit, their bikes look like jewels. I’ still surprised that these homeless people seem to spend all their money on luxurious bikes. I had to think a lot of time before I bought mine eventually. It must be great to not having to watch where you spend your money on.


One Response to “Bike is gone”

  1. gwadzilla Says:

    did you ever get your bike back?

    my wife’s bike was stolen from our backyard

    we never got it back

    in Wash DC there are lots of homeless people with new bikes
    as well as lots of people who look pay check to pay check

    it is always suspect when someone is on an expensive bike built for sport
    when they are just cruising on the sidewalk

    my guess… the gray market

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