My 1st Earthquake

Finally I experienced an earthquake. I had heard all the stories and thought they were phantasies almost. So last night at 2.45 I was shaken from left to right in my bed. And the house went “eekee eekee”. It was about 3 seconds.

I thought it was a dream as I heard no other people screaming in the streets. Again I must have seen too many American movies, where the masses always panic and one hero in a tight suit will fight the Nasty Earthquake Man.

All it did was disturb my night. I thought my dreams were too strong. When I came in the office today, Andy from San Lorenzo had felt it too and Jonathon also experienced it. He was also rolled out of his bed.

Of course, Todd felt nothing….Nasty Earthquake Man must be hiding here.


One Response to “My 1st Earthquake”

  1. Bitch Says:

    haha, because you said that you thought that your dream was so strong the question is who you were dreaming about and what were you doing there? Somebody were doing there a relly goooooood job :>

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