Oma Lies Kroes

It has taken me some time to finally find some quiet time and write about what has been going on. Quite a bit has been making my life less boring. I say that, because I believe it is all for a reason. Good or bad.

When I flew back from Amsterdam to San Francisco and had to stop over in Newark I heard that my grandmother Lies had passed away all of a sudden. She was old and had some health issues. But I had no idea it was this bad. The two weeks I spent in Holland, I saw my grandmother one day and made some clips of her. I had no idea I would use these so rapidly at that time.

My mother is not a whizkid at all. But she understood the opportunity to use Respectance and do a wonderful job of creating a Tribute to my grandmother Lies. You can watch it here.

This tribute was used a lot by family and friends. It made me very proud. My mother made sure that the URL was mentioned in the newspaper obituary and that it got printed on her mourning letters and thank you cards. As a result a lot of my family watched it, uploaded photos, left memories, uploaded videos and watched those over and over again.

What was extra special, is that people oversees were able to participate. Part of my grandmother’s brothers and sisters in law emigrated to Australia in the fifties and also part of my family is in New York. And of course, I am now at the other side of the world as well. The fact that I could not help my mother and sister, or simply hold them and feel things were okay, made me feel very sad. But creating this tribute together did wonders. It was therapeutic and it was fun and emotional at the same time. Never before had I thought that I would be one of the satisfied users of my own product. Thanks to the Respectance team and my family for making this possible!


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