Dinner at Boris

Wednesday night Todd and myself got invited by the always happy Boris to join in at the dinner he gave for the upcoming Bowlr event. We are not really sponsoring this event, but I think they like to give us this opportunity to network with some leaders of the Bowling teams.
The food was as always excellent. Boris, his lovely wife Tessa and some of his colleagues really know how to make people feel at home and give a fantastic dinner.

Boris dinner december

I was happy that I finally got to stir the pot at this place. And of course I was trusted to open the caviar. This should have gone into the pasta. If it had not been that Boris dropped the pan with handles that were too hot to handle. This resulted in his purple suit to be covered under delicious mushroom sauce. We got focused on this event in the kitchen. So we forgot the caviar. Well, they claimed I forgot the caviar. The pasta was great anyway.

My free PR advise to Boris was to have a journalist come by the next morning and then during the interview he could feed his cat some caviar. Dutchies love it when you show this kind of lifestyle, don’t they?

Some links from that evening:




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