Forms in The Hague

impressions from my first 5 minutes after arrival in The Hague. During the first moments I am always extra open to new impressions, leading to new expressions.

The Hague

Xander invited me to come to The Hague for a nice evening concert in the church. A colleague of his sings in this choir, that would perform a piece of Monteverdi and some modern pieces.
Before that we went to check out some shops in downtown Hague. The difference between shops in Amsterdam and The Hague is pretty simple to find. People are much friendlier, seem to enjoy their work, and are into making deals so you will not leave the shop without purchasing something. I am talking about The Hague, for those who have never shopped in Amsterdam. If you ever like to experience the bottom range of service levels, try Amsterdam shops. It is one of the pretties cities in the world, with good looking sexy people and cool shops, but my God, they really know it and they seem to be busy balancing out all this beauty with their negative behavior.
On of the coolest shops in The Hague was Puurrr. The personnel was great, they have an exclusive collection, great presentation and uhmmm, good reductions.
After visiting restaurant Max for the first time, which was honest Indonesian kitchen, we took the streetcar to the Badkapel church where the concert would be. I was totally not prepared. Once they started to sing, I closed my eyes and let it all flow over me. It was beautiful. I hated myself for not visiting more of these concerts. It really touches your senses. Thanks Xander for a great day!


One Response to “Forms in The Hague”

  1. alexatsea Says:

    ik ben blij dat je blij bent/was. kat ook een leuke dag. stuur je me nog die foto’s door waar ik in mijn roze-rode truitje tussen drie spiegels ‘halfgeil’ probeer uit te stralen?
    niet meer NL verlaten zonder gedag te zeggen, hoor 😦 en de sleutel van je apt. aan mij te geven, haha

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