Website van het Jaar 2007

Yesterday evening the results were made known of the Website of the Year in the Netherlands. For the year 2007 the overall winner is Google. It was their first time winning this award, after won last year.

This year iizt sponsored the event for the second year in a row. This time we did a redesign of the site and built it and made the entire process possible. We are proud that the number of votes has risen enormously to more than 1.3 million. The simply setup of the voting form has definitely made a big contribution, thanks to Tomek for the intelligent design.

It was a nice evening in Hotel Arena where the winners were announced. Boris Veldhuizen van Zanten presented everything and it was a lot of fun to run through the preparation together with Cindy and him. After that we talked to a lot of interesting people. Of course the man behind the elections, Joost Broere, but also the winners from, the internet and marketing managers of Sunweb, Fortis bank,, hyves and many more. In the end Cindy and me were given the award of this year. For sure we will bring them this fantastic award. All other winners can be found below.

Overall winner 2007: google

Cars and traffic:

E-commerce and auction sites:

Entertainment and lifestyle:

Financial products and services:

Sport and games:

Fast moving consumer goods/retail:

Travel and recreation:

Home and garden:

Blogs and communities:

ISP’s and portals:

Internet and telecom:

News and information:

Education, government and non-profit:



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