Mother and Son reunited

mother and son reunited

This morning I woke up and quickly read the news. One of the articles that caught my eye: Mother and Son reunited before Christmas. It appeared that a man and woman who had been working in the same DIY shop for months were in fact natural mother and son. The son had been looking for his mother for 20 years and now it appeared they had been so close already for months.

In the Dutch newspaper online, where I found this news, it is always possible to react to stories. This story also had reactions. The general trend of these reactions was: “they better get a DNA test done first”.

After I have been spending time in the States and Holland, I have seen where the differences are between Dutch and American culture. This kind of reactions to such an article in America is less likely. Dutch people do not like to believe in miracles, for them life has to be tough and you need to suffer. Americans love to believe in fairytales. This christmas I choose to be American and believe in the miracle of this reunion. Let them have a merry Christmas, and let miracles come true this year.


3 Responses to “Mother and Son reunited”

  1. Allison Says:

    That’s funny. Before I read your paragraph about a probable Dutch reaction, I was thinking, “Wow, what a neat story.” I had no thoughts of DNA testing. Guess I just proved your point about Americans.

  2. virginbrain Says:

    that’s cool Allison! thanks for sharing that, you are the proof 😉

  3. ol Says:


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