Flying back to Frisco, in a disco

I was very happy to fly back to San Francisco and kick ass together with my colleagues. The only obstacle for me is always the flight.

I always dream of knocking myself out for eleven hours and wake up when I touch the ground again. For some reason, I always have to sit next to people who insist on sitting next to the window while having bladder problems. Also, I am always late for booking the “kids free” section. What can you do against babies that cry all the way from checking in to collecting your luggage. That is not funny. Can you feed children valium, or make them feel comfortable as a parent? Can airline companies invent something like what IKEA and McDonald’s are good at? Place them in the back of the plane in a box filled with colorful balls and lots of candy and other children? The only veto against this would be an integrated calling system that would announce that Jeffrey of seven years old dressed in yellow shirt and jeans is looking for his parents. And then stop the DVD system for every announcement.

Anyway, this flight was very special. I was sitting next to this happy guy from Nigeria. He was flying with his entire family, nine people. Maybe they also work in the internet industry, I do get a couple of emails coming from Nigeria every now and then. Though I was told that these mails were mainly sent from internet hub Amsterdam. I do not watch TV anymore, because I decided that we cannot go any lower as a society than Idols. So I gave up. But they are hunting me. This guy next to me, started his integral music system of KLM after taking off. He first went for ABBA station, to my surprise. And even though he did not know the words, he sang along. And loud. After ABBA he went for the more stereotypical Reggae station with Bob Marley.

The stewardess thought it was funny and told me that not everybody in the world is that happy. I am not really a sour person. But I cannot imagine that it will be nice if everybody started singing as loud and false and pointless as this guy next to me. Luckily, the flight only lasted eleven hours. I love to share these memories with you.


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2 Responses to “Flying back to Frisco, in a disco”

  1. Martha Mihaly Says:

    You sound like a bitter old man R! You also forgot to mention that you manage to get off the planes sick every time that you take a long haul.

    I say that you need to take a couple ear plugs and valium, and don’t shower or change your clothes for a week before flying. NO one will want to sit near you then.

  2. Dirk Says:


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