dood doet leven

Dood doet leven (death lets live) is a new project started by the Nature Conservation Organization of the Netherlands. They started the project in the protected area of Ooij, near Nijmegen, where my ancestors are from.

At first instance it is kind of off putting. At second instance, it makes sense. The organization claims that modern people are not used anymore to the sight of death in nature. Even though it is completely normal. It even keeps a lot of animals and organisms alive. This is why they started to let dead animals lie down in the fields of the Ooij, so you can see what happens. They also put the pictures online. The intention is that the public understands that dying and rotting etc. is a totally normal process, that should not be kept away. That would be unnatural. Well, that is the way I grew up. I never saw dead cows lying in the fields over there.

Maybe they are right. Let’s break another taboo and face the facts. We are all mortal after all.


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One Response to “Ooij”

  1. Martha Mihaly Says:

    Hi Richard,
    It’s as important to know where food comes from as it is to know what happens when it dies. Too many people fear things they don’t understand.

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