Scrabbling with Boris


Just met with Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, he is fun and gets your mind going. Of course he is very busy with the organization of the NextWeb to be held early April. I have good memories of this event. We launched Respectance at the same place last year. And it is the only event I know, where it was easy to get in contact with audience, journalists and speakers.

This year we will be given a chance to talk about what happened after we launched Respectance. That is going to be very exciting, I can tell. So much has been going on. Right now the entire team here is working on the next release. A major improvement, compared to what we have live now. Keep following us, we will make another jump to show once again that when it comes to quality, our competitors will remain followers of Respectance.

Boris had some cool new things too that they had been working on. There is this retro based bannering. Scrabble and its three times word value concept can be put on banners. I love that idea. And of course the captcha-tising, a smart way to give brands exposure in a conscious manner. Keep it up Boris, next time we might play board scrabble. I am always good at making up long words, if you promise not to use the dictionary as a judge. It will limit our imagination too much.


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