NextWeb 2008

The Next Web Conference

Wow it has almost been a year that we gave our first presentation about Respectance. It was at the NextWeb in Amsterdam. We were so excited at the time that we got selected as one of the presenting start-ups. In fact, we still are excited about that beginning. So much went wrong, that it was hard to not feel sympathy for us or at least remind us. Murphy’s Law turned in our favor.

The buzz around our project started there. How Boris, Patrick and the wonderful crew around them set things up, allowed us to easily get in contact with journalists, the audience and investors. This was the best conference we have done so far. Or in other words, never as good as the first time. At present we are trying to get a slot in their 2008 program. As some might know a big relaunch is coming up. And we have some very cool, and not seen before, strategic steps ahead of us. These should all happen in the following two months. Exciting times, I can tell you!

But whether you will see us speak there or not, you should definitely go and book a ticket. Some of the speakers I know, always have a great story to tell. It is always a pleasure to see Scott Rafer for instance. One of the smartest that Todd and I met. More importantly still, Boris and his team will always come up with last minute surprises. You’d be sorry if you had no ticket.



One Response to “NextWeb 2008”

  1. Martha Mihaly Says:

    Hey Richard,
    If you pay for my ticket I’ll join you there and cheer you on! Otherwise, you’ll have to accept my best wishes if you are chosen to present! Keep all of your cords plugged in this time.


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