Jessica Mah

Jessica Mah

This week Jessica Mah is coming to Amsterdam. It will be great to see how she reacts to our capital. Never as good as the first time, isn’t it?

I got Jessica introduced to the guys from the Nextweb. I think she will add something genuine to this event. She has a story to tell to the (primarily) Dutch audience. And of course, I think I am realizing more and more that I can be quite a spin doctor. Never knew really. The fact that Boris and Patrick are using her to promote the NextWeb is a good signal. They understand what is sexy. Or rather who is sexy? (that is why I am not presenting this year at the conference. And yes, Jessica is the girl I wrote about in the emerce).


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2 Responses to “Jessica Mah”

  1. Jan Benroth Says:

    Please be advised that the Yellow/Red Rent_Me.jpg image is copyrighted material of Please discontinue your use of this image immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Jan Benroth

  2. virginbrain Says:

    Hi Jan! I had no idea that it was a copyrighted picture. I just thought it looked funny. I changed it so you cannot recognize it anymore.
    I hope at least you are proud that of all the zillions of pictures online I selected yours. Like a needle in a haystack šŸ˜‰

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