Emerce Publishing 2.0

 emerce publishing 2.0

Yesterday was the Publishing 2.0 event in Amsterdam. Perfect location, interesting crowd and some nice speakers.

On the photo you see some of the people that I met. The organizer Rebecca van Rijn of Emerce, Marianne Spier a manager of the interactive university and Ruben Timmerman of usarchy. Ruben gave together with Marianne Zwagerman of Telegraaf media the most interesting presentations. Ruben showed how you can improve your site with easy steps. Less is more still prevails. And Marianne gave some cool insights into the chaos strategy of Telegraaf. And the digital Telegraaf is freely available as from today on your mobile phone. I really believe in what they are doing. Not trying to centralize it all, and even giving enormous independence to certain sites that they exploit.

In the end the most important message I received was: innovation does not come from huge companies, so do not even go there. And please copy the successful things what others have done before. Cool.


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2 Responses to “Emerce Publishing 2.0”

  1. Marianne Says:

    Found your blog.



  2. Ruben Timmerman Says:

    Nice to see you enjoyed my talk, thanks!

    For your Dutch readers, the video and slides of my presentation are available here:

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