Wallpaper Shelf Space Manipulation

Wallpaper June 2008 edition

Wow! Today I went to the American Book Store in Amsterdam. They have a zillion books, and I even wonder why I was there. I needed a new moleskin, sure. I just love paper, even though I get most inspiration and information online.

So I checked out all the magazines that were on display. All these busy pictures with all those letters on it in fluorescent colors. But then I got confused. I saw the Wallpaper, no I saw two different Wallpapers. No there were even three Wallpapers. It stood out and got my attention.

I love Wallpaper. They understand communication and know that less is more. Where all the magazines are screaming, they just had 3 varieties of their magazine cover for the same issue. The magazines were placed at different positions. It just said: work is play – work more live more – play & work & play.
The background colors were red, green or yellow. So effective. I bought Work is Play.


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