Centraal Beheer viral

what if adam....
Well, the frequency and working of viral videos is getting bigger and bigger. Though at this moment I am doubting any video or weird news item that goes big on the internet. I cannot help but think “What brand is behind it this time?”.

Now we have one of Centraal Beheer. It got put on Youtube two day ago and now already made it to newspaper sites. The claim is that they never dared to use this one on TV. And the one who put it online says “I don’t remember seeing this one on TV”. Right!

The story of the commercial is interesting, at least. You judge for yourself. But let me give you two things to think about.
1. If they do not “dare” to show it on TV, they better not show it on the internet. The reach is simply much bigger on the internet, and predictability and control are much less than on TV. This clip is there forever to stay. The broadcast cannot be stopped anymore. Internet is eternal broadcast, not just 30 seconds after the national TV news.
2. This clip is showing a real possibility, for those who believe in fairy tales. It could be that now officially was proven that the female race is much stronger and more aggressive than the male race. After all, there are many more humans on earth now, so she must have forced him in some way. Thank you Eve, being persistent and making me exist.


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