Mourning banner

uitvaart bannerohra rouw ad

Now I have been working in this farewell industry for a while, I discovered some interesting cultural differences. In the States, people pay cash for their final party and do not like to plan ahead. In the Netherlands the majority of people are insured for their funeral. Often at the moment they get born an insurance for their farewell is concluded. I am used to that.

It was strange to learn that another culture, that likes to manage things to the smallest details, almost like control freaks, does not like to think of their end. So getting insured for their ends is not really an option. You live like there is no end.

Last week I found this campaign at one of the most popular news sites (telegraaf) of the Netherlands. It was on the front page. It reminded me of the cultural differences and how impossible this ad would be in the New York Times. The text on the banner reads: “Calculate your funeral”…..


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