Bill Bruehl

Bill Bruehl, the play wrightI have one aunt from the States. She lives near the place I was born. It is in a little village near the German border that has not seen many Americans. Maybe in WWII, and of course every year as the infamous four days marches of Nijmegen are hitting town.

Ever since I met her, I felt we had a connection. The cool thing is that her parents, and foremost her father is a very inspiring guy. He has this out of the box thinking style I would love to see in more people. Every now and then we exchange mails. Also when my Grandmother passed away in September, it appeared that he and his wife had registered some sort of interview with her. About her life. It was one of the most wonderful things I had seen from my grandmother. My mother and me are still working on cutting the movie in smaller pieces so we can publish the interview on her Respectance page. This way all the family will be able to see these moving moments.

As I find it always hard to talk about others, I like to share an interview with Bill Bruehl. I just received it from my aunt. I hope to one day see one of his theatre plays. Cheers.



One Response to “Bill Bruehl”

  1. Amelia Says:

    What a wonderful surprise to see this on your blog. I love ya kiddo!
    Auntie Am

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