Deïd and how I got inspired

Deïd from MarseilleI am going through my mourning process during my last week in Frisco. I have to go to the internet cafe at the corner. Comcast already cut off my cable at home, so I am isolated there.

Deïd from MarseilleThe good thing is that I am confronted with new people. Most of them have a regular schedule like I do. Everybody enters in the morning with laptops, orders coffee or tea and starts working. One guy has been here every morning, so yesterday we started to talk about who he was etc. He is a surfer and skater from Marseille. His friends call him Deïd. And he keeps these very pretty diaries with drawings and the most beautiful handwriting I ever saw. He talks about his life and journeys around the world.

I had a glimpse at two diaries. The first one started with “looking for the perfect wave”. The second one starter with “looking for the perfect wife”. This was poetry in itself.

Deïd from MarseilleAnyway, I was wondering what to buy myself as a “souvenir” for the time I passed in Frisco. A ring seems silly. As this journey had an end. But I have a lasting impression and in fact a tattoo of life after having spent my time here. It made me a better person, it gave me insights into myself and I gained new friends and experiences. And of course it made me older….

So what do you think, should I use one of these personal drawings by Deïd and have it tattooed? I am doubting, or maybe not.
Deïd from Marseille


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3 Responses to “Deïd and how I got inspired”

  1. Martha Mihaly Says:

    hmm tattoos are a tough one. As I like to think of it, would I still hang the artwork I had on my wall 20 years ago today? The answer for me is usually no. So WTF Richard, you have to pick your own direction in life. If you want one be careful, choose wisely. You asked for advice. You got some.

  2. virginbrain Says:

    Thanks Martha! Good advise, good my mother has not read this one yet. She would agree with you. The battle continues.
    About the metaphore you chose: I really believe this period has had an impact on me personally for the rest of my life. That is what makes it tempting. But what makes me really curious about my own behavior patterns: every time I have a lot of active resistance against something (color, fashion, person etc) I know that soon, I will embrace it.
    That makes me really wonder, why do I first build up this resistance?

  3. Martha Mihaly Says:

    The drama of it all Richard, the drama!

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