Madonna and the (un)lucky star

Madonna and daughter after church

Madonna and daughter after church

I always wonder what is the perfect time to stop? When is success sweet and when does it get sour?

Honestly, the Rolling Stones could be cool. But they decided to grow from “rebellious” band to a simple baby-boom “we were so cool” evergreens group. It is sad to see how you can ruin a brand by following your fans, and forgetting about the key values of your brand. Baby-boomers are not rebellious. So the brand has become incredible.

Andy Warhol, who painted the banana for the Velvet Underground, is credible. The fact that he died early might have saved the value of his art. If he would be painting now for the new Rolling Stones DVD cover (what else would we buy nowadays of an artist?), it would look sad.

Still the phenomenon remains interesting. Should you stop at the top of your career and switch to something new, or become anonymous? Or should you really use your career as a milk cow? This means you either keep looking for a younger crowd by reinventing yourself or you grow old together with your fans.

When a person becomes a brand, there is only one way, if you ask me. Simply stop if it starts to look silly. Seeing Mick Jagger make spastic moves on stage now, gives me an unheimisch feeling. Watching Madonna together with her daughter on the street, makes me really think, that somebody has to stop her.

Grow old in a glamorous way. Be proud of what you have achieved and be loved for that. The milk that is called Madonna is starting to taste sour. And I hate to see that. It makes me feel like I am getting old too. Quickly. My younger cousins have never been inspired by Madonna, as I was never inspired by the Rolling Stones. That was because my father liked them. I am kind of rebellious. That meant that I had to dislike most of what my daddy liked. And I believe, strongly, that real progress does not come from harmonious models. Sorry, Maddy, I believe you are losing this fight now. And it is not a pretty sight. Please surrender and stimulate young artists, who will bring rebellion to younger generations.

This was you, I love you for that.

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