Privacy is dead, part 2

no pictures please

no pictures please

I wrote earlier in the Emerce magazine that privacy is a virtue from the past. Simply, because the rules and times are changing. Faster than a person born before the 80’s can change in his/her life.

Today a judge in Holland declared that a closed environment that a woman had created and in which she called her husband a pedofile, said that she is guilty. She has to pay him money. Because she insinuated that he is, and he cannot defend himself. Earlier on, another judge has called a private environment within the Dutch Facebook-ish site Hyves is nothing more than a living room. There you can say whatever you want, and you cannot be attacked for what you say there.

This is a real sign of the big change that is going on right now. What are our new values? It is impossible to believe that my grandmother shares the same values as my cousins do. There is a HUGE gap between them, that they will not be able to close during their lifetimes. Then my grandmother and my cousins are raised in the same culture and country.
So how do you declare the shared values between a person from Iran, for instance, that moved later in his life to Holland, and my sister who goes swimming in the sea without a bikini on and never thought that her life and acts would be seen as something bad. We were raised that there is equality between men and women and that a proud and independent woman can do whatever she feels like.
I am afraid that they will never be able to close their gap either.

So if a closed Hyves profile is considered by one judge an open space, and the other finds it nothing else than a living room, what is the truth? Is there any?
If this lady gets punished now for saying her ex husband is a pedophile in this closed community, how then is it possible that certain people call for much worse things in much bigger meetings out of a position of a superior to the rest of the group? It seems that something really has to happen with regards to privacy.

I am very sure of what I prefer. I’d rather let it all flow freely and let nothing be punishable. Andy Warhol said we would all get our 15 minutes of fame. Well, I think we will get much more than that. But not only the fame, also the scandals that come with it. You better be prepared for a thick skin like all celebrities need to have. You will be rumored, in closed circles and in the open.


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