Google Goes Green

Google environmental friendly

Google environmental friendly

just an idea after my last post.

If we want to be friendly to earth and start measuring banners and their energy consumption. I was thinking: if Google would be ALL BLACK as opposed to all white, wouldn’t that save a lot of energy throughout the world?

Simple ideas sometimes are best. Who can do the math: what is the percentage of Google worldwide in visits? And what is the difference in energy consumption between an all white screen or an all black screen?

Maybe I can get the Nobel prize for this….


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2 Responses to “Google Goes Green”

  1. victor Says:
    lekker snel richard. bestaat al lang. je begint oud te worden

  2. Tjeerd Says:

    Actually, on most (LCD) displays, a black pixel is more energy consuming than a white pixel, as it takes some energy to “close” the Liquid Chrystal polarizer which blocks out the light from the backlight tubes (which are constantly on).

    Nice idea though… 🙂

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