new IIZT

We just launched our new IIZT site. Simple is the word.

internet is zero tolerance

internet is zero tolerance

Check it out here


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2 Responses to “new IIZT”

  1. Ruben Says:

    As much as I love you and the rest of Iizt, I must say: GRRRRRR! The navigation of the site is everything except simple. It took me minutes before I found the slider at the bottom of the screen. I clicked about 30 times on other things before I found it…

    Next time I’m close to your office, I’ll personally slap the person who thought it up. Shame!

  2. Richard Derks Says:

    you can hit me one more time.
    the navigation should work with arrows, dragging, scrolling etc.
    maybe you think too much. just do it, baby, one more time.

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