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New lady, new office

August 29, 2008

We have a new powerful woman in the team of IIZT. Femke van den Boogert is what she listens to. And she has taken the job to clean up and pimp our office. Two improvements!


Japan, Holland and why the whole world is not American

August 3, 2008

Gary at Zandvoort beach

Gary at Zandvoort beach

One of the coolest things of the world we live in, is that it is changing really fast. And it is changing in ways we do not really foresee.

My friend from the States was over for 2 weeks in Europe. Gary works as creative event director for the Apple stores in SF. Only 20 and doing two master studies simultaneously. That is already a big difference with the average ambition of youth in Holland.

He realized how different things are here. In Amsterdam you go to drink outdoors and all seats are directed the same way. You should be able to watch all those passing by while you are having a drink. In the States that is called spying on people, he said. Here in Amsterdam, it is the reason why people dress up, even though it seems like they made no effort. We all are aware that we are being watched when we pass a terrace. Perfect for flirting etc.

When my friend and former colleague of KaZaA, Sahoko, was over in spring from Japan we talked about what I was doing with Respectance. She thought it was a very open way of communicating and thought it might be difficult in Japan. Unless we would change it. To me that sounded reasonable.

She also told me about what sites people used in Japan. Of course, anything is mobile in the land of the rising sun. Way ahead of Europe and even further ahead of the States.
Facebook was not a big thing in Japan. The big thing in Japan is Mixi. It was hard for me to understand why that was so hot. You become a more or less anonymous person in this community and talk about big issues or daily things. You take a fake identity and then you dare to show/type your feelings on matters. It matches the Japanese culture.

Now I see that also Facebook is discovering that they have cultural problems. Not everybody in the world is American. What’s underneath the visible culture might shock you.

Eventually, I think that a concept like Mixi might become really popular in quickly changing societies like the Dutch society. Lately, the freedom of speech has been attacked by the Dutch authorities. This does not go well together with the opening up the internet brings. But then, what can you do if the authorities are watching your actions online, and you still have the need to say what you like to say? You do it anonymously. Mixi might be a solution for this trend in Holland.

August started

August 3, 2008
Last day of July

Last day of July


July 19, 2008

Internet is lethal

July 19, 2008

elvis and his filthy hips...This article is so interesting, though in Dutch. The famous shrink Himanshu Tyagi claims that the internet is causing a lot of trouble mainly for youth. The kids in Wales that commit suicide, they do it because of internet.

Did you know that in the last century children were forbidden to listen to or watch Elvis Presley by their parents? He was a filthy man. He moved his hips. Thank God and Allah for Shakira. We are developing.

Hurray for Bas

July 10, 2008

Bas started his blog, finally. Now let’s hope we get to see his great photographs and artwork here. I love this one for instance:

huis by Bas van Tol

huis by Bas van Tol

Deïd and how I got inspired

June 26, 2008

Deïd from MarseilleI am going through my mourning process during my last week in Frisco. I have to go to the internet cafe at the corner. Comcast already cut off my cable at home, so I am isolated there.

Deïd from MarseilleThe good thing is that I am confronted with new people. Most of them have a regular schedule like I do. Everybody enters in the morning with laptops, orders coffee or tea and starts working. One guy has been here every morning, so yesterday we started to talk about who he was etc. He is a surfer and skater from Marseille. His friends call him Deïd. And he keeps these very pretty diaries with drawings and the most beautiful handwriting I ever saw. He talks about his life and journeys around the world.

I had a glimpse at two diaries. The first one started with “looking for the perfect wave”. The second one starter with “looking for the perfect wife”. This was poetry in itself.

Deïd from MarseilleAnyway, I was wondering what to buy myself as a “souvenir” for the time I passed in Frisco. A ring seems silly. As this journey had an end. But I have a lasting impression and in fact a tattoo of life after having spent my time here. It made me a better person, it gave me insights into myself and I gained new friends and experiences. And of course it made me older….

So what do you think, should I use one of these personal drawings by Deïd and have it tattooed? I am doubting, or maybe not.
Deïd from Marseille

Bill Bruehl

June 23, 2008

Bill Bruehl, the play wrightI have one aunt from the States. She lives near the place I was born. It is in a little village near the German border that has not seen many Americans. Maybe in WWII, and of course every year as the infamous four days marches of Nijmegen are hitting town.

Ever since I met her, I felt we had a connection. The cool thing is that her parents, and foremost her father is a very inspiring guy. He has this out of the box thinking style I would love to see in more people. Every now and then we exchange mails. Also when my Grandmother passed away in September, it appeared that he and his wife had registered some sort of interview with her. About her life. It was one of the most wonderful things I had seen from my grandmother. My mother and me are still working on cutting the movie in smaller pieces so we can publish the interview on her Respectance page. This way all the family will be able to see these moving moments.

As I find it always hard to talk about others, I like to share an interview with Bill Bruehl. I just received it from my aunt. I hope to one day see one of his theatre plays. Cheers.


June 1, 2008

Some people asked me how Twitter works. This might be a nice short introduction into it. Watch your data plan though for your cell phone!

Brussels spring 08

May 25, 2008