Happy Chinese new year

January 26, 2009
Happy Ox!

Happy Ox!




January 4, 2009

An old friend of mine came to visit me in Amsterdam right after Christmas. It was so good to see him. He’s living away from his family, they are in South America still. Sometimes we got to talk about them and what it is like to live far away from your loved ones.

This time he looked a bit sad. He told me that the last time he saw his family, last summer, his brother had this wound on his nose. He told him to go to the doctor’s. But his brother is a real macho guy, he makes tattoos for friends and people from the village. He did not want to talk about that.

When I asked my friend why he was kind of absent minded, he told me that he just learned that his brother had aids. It seemed they had not always used clean needles while tattooing one another. They make these traditional tattoos from their tribe and has been an ongoing ritual for generations. His mother was upset, as this strong, masculine son all of a sudden had this gay disease. Facts and stories, very hard for people to make a distinction.

One hour later, he received a call from his mother, but the connection was lousy. After a couple of attempts, his mother told him that his brother has passed away. It was very cold that day. And I could not make it any warmer. This end was not necessary.

Happy Ramahanukwanzmas

December 26, 2008

Google Goes Green

December 8, 2008
Google environmental friendly

Google environmental friendly

just an idea after my last post.

If we want to be friendly to earth and start measuring banners and their energy consumption. I was thinking: if Google would be ALL BLACK as opposed to all white, wouldn’t that save a lot of energy throughout the world?

Simple ideas sometimes are best. Who can do the math: what is the percentage of Google worldwide in visits? And what is the difference in energy consumption between an all white screen or an all black screen?

Maybe I can get the Nobel prize for this….

Snowwhite is not an environmentalist

December 8, 2008
Sleeping with several dwarfs saves heating cost

Sleeping with several dwarfs saves heating cost

OMG I just read that Snowwhite and her fellow Disney figurines are polluting this world. Honestly, I always had difficulty believing that a mass producer of “fun” would be friendly to the world. Every time I visited Disneyland/world/planet/universe I went sick. It was so sweet and so full of nothing that it made me think the world was coming to an end.

The Dutch newspaper Volkskrant announced that a research was done after the eco friendliness of websites. And in particular banners.

Long story short, pop up banners cost 11 Watt, that is enough to burn a bulb. (light bulbs will be forbidden soon in the EU by the way).
So if your environmentalist you should install a pop-up-blocker and you save the world.

The extended research showed that especially disney.com and myspace.com were polluting as they suck 55.932 Watt each. It all has to do with the amount of flash and jumpy things on the site.

Hopefully the next princess of Disney will be Grassygreen and will save happily ever after.


December 6, 2008

richard derks in gurus tv

surfing for elderly

December 6, 2008


December 5, 2008


When in the States I met so many nice people. One of the nicest and smartest had a dream. He was going to make a big switch in his lifepath. He would go from UN press officer to being a bookshop entrepreneur. It takes a lot of guts to do that. Most people are eventually more attracted to security than to adventure.

But he did it and now has the world bookstore Idlewild. If you ever go to New York (and why wouldn’t you?) should go to visit his store. Books ordered by country or city. Cool concept for people who love borders and know that that is what makes life more exciting.


Obama’s granny merry-go-round

November 4, 2008

This is one of our worst fears. The wrong ad in the wrong spot.

The day Obama’s grandmother dies, the newspapers report about it. Online you get the news including the necessary commercial banners. In case of this sad news, the banner is kind of inappropriate. “Let’s get it going with granny”  in Dutch “erop uit met Oma”. This is what you get when machines determine things based on mathematics and not on emotion.

Bad Ad

Bad Ad

Respectance Telegraaf Digitaal

October 14, 2008