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MySpace going down

March 29, 2009

MySpace is taken over by Facebook, Bebo and Twitter

MySpace is taken over by Facebook, Bebo and Twitter

The place for friends, that was the biggest social network for years, is now quickly dropping on the wrong side of its Internet Life Cycle.

It is very interesting to see that on the internet the lifecycles go much faster than in any other industry. I expect that this is a big opportunity for smart marketers and entrepreneurs. The market leader cannot only be challenged, it can also be beaten. You do that by trusting on a bigger, better product and using virality and time as your best friends.

Looking at the Dutch situation, it seems very possible that Facebook will takeover Hyves. It seems unrealistic right now to a lot of old thinkers. Though I think it is a reality that will come through within two years.

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Happy Chinese new year

January 26, 2009
Happy Ox!

Happy Ox!