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Ashamed for EU President

November 3, 2009

Alica in Wonderland not in EU

Sometimes you hope that you are just some sort of Alice in Wonderland and that the world around you is not as bad as it is. But in EU Wonderland nightmares do come true.

The European Union is by my knowledge the biggest experiment ever on our planet where independent countries freely give up their authority and independence. The Netherlands is one of the founding fathers, as part of the BeNeLux, where the 3 midget countries Belgium, Luxemburg and Holland joined forces mainly for economic reasons. That made sense, they are connected, geographically and historically. It was a smart move.

But in time the EU has become a monstrous project, that has joined extremes over the entire continent. In my country, Holland, the citizens have lost contact with the people in power. Their own government. This is true for their local city representatives, the provincial reps and even more for the national government. A majority of the people do not feel that their voices are being heard or that they feel they can have any impact on the big decisions that are made.

But now we have a new entity on top of our own government. That is the EU government with a President. Interesting enough, people do not seem concerned at all about this, because it is so unrealistic and so far beyond their imagination of how such things work, that they will never embrace it or protest it. It is like you try to make a little child understand what the cosmos is and then make it think that it is only a smaller part of the bigger. The child will either go insane if it tries to gasp the idea, or just neglects it as it is too difficult to understand. That does not mean the kid is stupid, the kid is just protecting itself and focuses on the essentials for its life.

Now Alice is just realizing it is living a nightmare. This EU was forced down upon us. We can prove it, because we, the citizens of Holland voted NO against the constitution of the EU, and still after letting us sleep again our government said YES a couple of years later. We were still sleeping and dreaming. The kid just woke up to find out that all of a sudden, daddy was no longer in control but that the daddy of the neighbors was now controlling its own papa and mama. That is what I call a nightmare.

The EU, which is officially not a democratic institute, because it does not represent the voice of its people, is now electing a President. That will be the face we Europeans see on TV when there are big decisions being made in the world. This person is in fact the Obama of Europe. Only, we have no idea who this Obama will be. And we will never be able to vote for any such person. It is in fact the same kind of decision procedure as in the People’s Republic of China. There are some pigs, more important than the other animals, that together decide who will be the biggest pig. Alice in Wonderland was not as bad a nightmare, as she had no pigs in her Wonderland. She only had rabbits, humpty dumpty, madhatters and more fantasy figures.

Now Alice is watching the news, reading the the UK pig called Mr Tony Blair will be the ueber pig of the EU. Then a bit later it seems that the Dutch pig Mr Jan Peter Balkenende is probably the new ueber pig. And this morning she woke up to find that the Belgian pig Mr Rompuy will be the chosen one. Mr Blair has too much charisma so it will offend the cocks and pretzlheads. The Dutch pig has no identity whatsoever, but his animals once voted no against the constitution plus he is too friendly to Obama. And now we have the totally unknown pig of Belgium, who is more of a snail that the cocks like and who is not too friendly to Obama, probably Obama does not even know he exists. And a snail is slow, slimy, hides and if you want to get rid of them you just poor some salt.

What is the point you might say. The point is that Europeans are being ruled by an ueber pig that will represent them. And they never even voted for him or her. They have no control over him, as this ueber pig does not have any responsibility towards the EU citizens. Still he will be on TV discussing with Ting Tong of China and Hussein Obama of America about major topics.

I just hate the idea that the father of my neighbor kids is telling on TV what is going to happen in my household. And I have no idea where to go to if I do not agree, or even say that I determine myself when I wake up and go to bed again. I think I want to go to bed again and hope I wake up in a dream next time. Where I understand the scale of things again and where I feel passionate about those that represent me.